What Are Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)?

A SIPs 101 Explanation of Structural Insulated Panels and Why You Should Build With Them.

Are You Still Insulating On-Site? There Is a Better Way.

Eliminate most or your insulation labor when you build with off-site construction, like structural insulated panels (SIPs). 

Enercept Explains: What is EPS?

Particularly if you’ve been looking into building with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), you’ve likely heard the term “EPS.” What’s that? It’s expanded polystyrene foam. Um … okay. What’s THAT?

Good Bones - The Anatomy of a SIP Home

A SIP home with "good bones" is a great home to live in. SIP construction includes many of the same components as traditional construction, but offers the benefits of a stronger structure, increased energy efficiency, ...

Don't Get Burned; Fire Performance With SIPs

We often talk about how warm and cozy SIPs structures are, but what about when things really heat up?  Fire safety is an important — and perhaps life-saving — consideration when building any structure.