Enercept has been the go-to construction solution for a wide range of  projects — from homes to apartment houses to strip malls, public buildings, office facilities, churches and even very large facilities — like schools and casinos. Architects appreciate the flexibility in design that SIPs offer — tenants appreciate the comfort, low environmental impact and, best of all, reduced costs of operation. 

contractors guide to using SIPS

Construction Guide When Using SIPs

This detailed SIP construction guide consists of 12 chapters that will help provide direction for the installation of your Enercept panel project.

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Electricians guide to wiring with Sips

Electrical Guide When Using SIPs

This 18-page electrical guide includes general instructions, diagrams, National code references, and glossary to help provide direction wiring of your Enercept panel project.

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R Value Chart-1

Enercept R-Values and U-Values 

SIPs provide a lifetime of energy savings. Once a SIP structure is complete, the effective R-value remains constant over time. This is information about Enercept R-Values and U-Values

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Enercept Conceptual Plans

Enercept can help you with your home designs and serve as a source of ideas when it comes to designing you a custom home. 

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Technical Guilde_1

Drying Potential of SIP Roof Assemblies

The long-term performance and durability of Enercept SIP roof assemblies is dependent on the roof assembly's ability to dry to the side to which it gets wet. Download Now

Technical Guilde

Enercept Technical Bulletin #10

Cantilevered SIP Roof Panels 

When evaluating overhangs or cantilevers, consideration must be given to how the panel is to be used on the roof. There are two applications that are possible.

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technical spec graphic.jpg

Enercept R.T.A. SIP Specifications

Detailed product specification listing for Enercept Ready to Assemble (RTA) SIPs.

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Enercept panels have been tested and meet the requirements of the International Code Council (ICC).

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Enercept Structural Insulated Panels were tested and meet the requirements for International Code Council Evaluation Service certification. 

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