Light commercial building Process

Trav’s Outfitter recently moved to a new location — a 28,000 square-foot high performance,  energy-efficient commercial building located in the strongest retail area of Watertown, South Dakota. SIPs construction was chosen for long-term energy savings, structural benefits, shortened construction time and less on-site waste. See the process unfold in the videos below. 









Enercept has been the go-to construction solution for a wide range of light commercial projects  from stand-alone buildings to strip malls, churches and even very large facilities, like casinos. Architects appreciate the flexibility in design that SIPs offer; tenants appreciate the comfort, low environmental impact and – best of all – reduced costs of operation.

Customer Reviews

customer review crestone
 “As with anything, there was a learning curve. But as we learned to work with the panels and figured out he best techniques for installation, our productivity improved. It was unique, so it took a lot of forethought and planning, but we were able to execute our plan and meet the schedule." 

E. Skott, Crestone Builders

customer allegiance
"The Allegiance building was a complicated project, but working with Enercept made it possible as the SIPs went together smoothly. The integration of the wall panels, roof panels, laminated wood beams, posts and custom connectors made my job much easier. When I point out that the Allegiance building is using 35% of the energy of most buildings its size, people are stunned. The total construction costs of the Allegiance building were about 25% lower than most buildings of similar quality and finish. I have never completed a project which was afforded so many innovative ideas. It was all possible with Enercept panels and their helpful staff.”

Paul Sorum, AIA - Sorum Design Build customer review
"From our first meeting with Jon Wagar and touring the plant, to working with Terry, Al, Shane, Logan and your very pleasant receptionist; everyone was extremely knowledgeable and went above and beyond our expectations on follow-up and keeping us informed of the manufacturing process. The staff was extraordinary in responding to our questions and emails promptly. This is our second home constructed with SIPs, and we are firm believers that SIPs are the best in energy efficiency and ease of construction. We highly recommend Enercept to anyone interested in building a home." 

John F. Pintek