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the life of a project:

Planning ... it's one of the most important steps to your building project.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect plans, the drafters at Enercept will work with you on a Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) layout that works. Your project will be drawn and panelized with one of the most state-of-the-art drafting programs available.

With Enercept, your SIPs will be custom made to meet your blueprint specifications. Our skilled drafters give you the one-on-one attention you deserve throughout the process.

Using your floor plan, the Enercept drafting department will calculate and design the panelized layout for your exterior shell. Fine details, unique shapes and irregular openings are not a problem.

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The Process


Getting an Estimate

  1. Contact your local dealer and/or Regional Sales Manager (RSM) to discuss the benefits of the Enercept building system.
  2. Send your plan to your Enercept dealer or your Enercept RSM.
  3. Enercept will review your plan and generate a FREE estimate.
  4. The estimate will be sent you via mail or email.


  1. Review your estimate. If you have any questions or if revisions are required, please contact your dealer or RSM.
  2. Once you are satisfied the estimate is correct based on your requirements, a drafting down payment of $500 is required to proceed with the approval drawing process. If engineering is required, the amount of the required down payment will include the engineering fee, which is determined on a per project basis. The drafting/engineering down payment can be in the form of a check or credit card. The drafting/engineering down payment will be credited to the final cost of your project and reflected on your final invoice.
    Note: A drafting down payment invoice is included with the estimate for your convenience.
  3. To make a drafting down payment click here:Make A Drafting Down Payment


  1. Your project will be assigned to an Enercept drafter who will work with you to generate approval drawings for your project.
  2. You must review and verify your approval drawings and comment on them, as necessary.
  3. Enercept will allow up to 4 revisions of approval drawings at no cost. For any additional revisions, you will be charged an hourly rate of $60 per hour.
  4. You are encouraged to contact your drafter about questions during the approval drawing creation process.
  5. Sign, date, and return your revised approval drawings.


  1. A proposal will be generated based on the signed approval drawings and sent to you for review.
  2. Review, sign, date, and return the final proposal and builder acknowledgment to Enercept with the required down payment in the form of a check or wire transfer. The down payment amount will be noted on the proposal.
  3. Indicate your final payment option on the proposal. Final payment is due prior to scheduling of final shipment.
  4. Once the proposal is signed and accepted by you, changes to the project will require a change order which may result in additional costs to you. Enercept will initiate the change order document. The change order will be forwarded to you for review and your signature of acceptance. If additional costs are associated with the change order, they will be delineated on the change order.  Enercept will not move forward with the change order without your signature of acceptance.
  5. Note: Proposals are valid for 30 days.
  6. IMPORTANT: No delivery commitments can or will be made until the approval drawings, proposal, builder acknowledgement, and down payment have been received by Enercept.


  1. Upon receipt of the down payment, signed proposal and signed approval drawings, your project will be placed in the production schedule. If there is a production slot available to match your requested delivery date (per the builder acknowledgment form) it will be placed in the schedule accordingly. If the schedule is full for the time requested, the project will be added to the next available production opening. Once your project is in the production schedule, Enercept’s project coordinator will contact you and regularly update you on the status and projected schedule.
    b. An invoice will be generated and sent to you.
    c. The panels will be produced, and a shipment date scheduled.


  1. A warranty registration and customer survey (to evaluate our product and performance) will be sent after final delivery.










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