The Real Savings When You Build With Structural Insulated Panels

How much do structural insulated panels (SIPs) cost? And, perhaps not surprisingly, it’s a difficult question to answer because each project is so unique.

Properly Applied House Wrap; Critical to Your SIP Home's Health

Protecting your building envelope Air leakage can impact your building's durability. Wet wooden sheathing can rot and break down,  diminishing your structure's strength. 

Enercept Explains: Building Science Behind Structural Insulated Panels

The science behind SIPs  With so many pieces to be assembled, it's easy to understand why stud frame houses take considerable time and labor to build. Enter Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) – the prefabricated ...

Enercept Explains: What Makes SIPs Stronger Than Stick Framing?

SIPs, by design, are load-carrying panel products Mother Nature can sometimes be difficult - high winds, heavy snow, hurricanes, and tornadoes are forces of nature that occur on a regular basis in the United States. ...

Your Builder Works For You: How To Find The Right One

  Embarking on the home building journey can seem daunting. Most people wouldn’t attempt to navigate a ship across the ocean or visit a foreign country without the proper crew or a seasoned tour guide. Building your ...

Getting to Know Us: Larry McCoy, Enercept Commercial Regional Sales Manager

Larry McCoy has always been a busy guy. From his earliest days growing up in a bustling household in  Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with his parents and seven siblings, Larry loved to draw.

What's In a Word? Glossary of Common SIP Terminology

As you begin the process of building, it may seem like contractors, building supply outlets, and others are speaking a foreign language.  Now throw SIPs into the mix - and wowzers! What are they talking about?

Need to Downsize? How to Optimize Your Smaller Space.

Whether you're empty-nesters ready to downsize, buying or building a home on a tight budget or simply want to live in less space, the trend toward smaller homes is in full swing. Homebuilders are offering floor plans ...

Big Benefits with a Smaller Footprint

One hallmark of the American dream has been owning a home. But over the years, the notion of a “dream home” has changed drastically.

Enercept U: Meet the Newest Factory Trained Installation Specialists

As of May 3rd, there are 27 new Factory Trained SIP Installation Specialists.  Participants traveled to Watertown, SD from Maine, New Jersey, Georgia, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas, ...

Structural Engineering Defined

What Is Structural Engineering? What Does a Structural Engineer Do? Why Do We Need Them? While we will never know who designed the Parthenon or the aqueducts of the Roman Empire, we do know that the Romans were among ...

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