Timber Framers


  • Panels attach to the outside of the timbers, allowing full display of the natural beauty of the timbers
  • SIPs provide a nearly air-tight, super-insulated enclosure which will protect your timbers, and save 40% or more on annual heating and cooling costs
  • Installation is quick, offering timbers protection from sun, wind and rain damage during the construction phase
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Customer Reviews

customer review CO home
"Our Enercept (vacation) home is so air tight that even after months away, there is no dust on the furniture."

Jim C., Gunnison, CO

customer review window
"Boy are we glad we built an Enercept House! We had a blizzard in January with a wind chill factor of 50 degrees below 0 and our Enercept house stayed a comfortable 72 degrees. Many houses could not maintain a temperature of over 60 degrees with the furnace running all the time. We are very pleased with how solid, quiet and warm the house is."

John D., Evanston, WY

customer review - cabin
"I've been using Enercept panels for the roof and gables of the log homes I build for many years. The people at Enercept are friendly, knowledgeable and always helpful. The panels are amazingly easy and fast to assemble because they come completely fabricated. The window openings and complex roof angle cuts are done at the factory - we don't have to cut any panels on site, they just slip together."

Mike S., Pierre, SD

Timber Frame, Post and Beam, Log Home

Timber frame - Roberts Home.jpg

Timber Frame

SIPs are an effective and often preferred method for enclosing timber frame homes because they allow for design flexibility while highlighting the timbers' natural beauty. Besides their contribution to the aesthetic elements of a natural timber frame structure, SIPs will significantly decrease energy consumption while maintaining cozy comfort and reducing sound infiltration.
sandcreekpostandbeam-enercept barns.jpg

Post & Beam

Similar to timber framing, post and beam construction has the  distinction that it utilizes mechanical fasteners and often steel plate connectors, whether hidden or exposed, to join adjacent members together.  SIPs are equally suited to post and beam construction as to timber frames, for similar reasons — efficiency, time and cost savings and allowing the beauty of the beams to be exposed. 
log home banner image.jpg

Log homes

Once referred to as 'log cabins', these icons of the American frontier have evolved along with housing trends. With comfort and a smaller drain on resources in mind,  today's log homes are being built to be more energy efficient. Topping off your log home off with a SIP roof further increases its energy efficiency and gives you more usable square footage in your home with fully vaulted ceilings.