Better Built barns

Have an existing barn which could use a lift? Enercept panels can help breathe new life into old barns.
Our SIPs have been used to reinforce, clad and add on to existing barns, once again making them beautiful and useful while preserving a piece of American history.

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Customer Reviews

customer review cowboy cabin
"Very cordial communication during the building process. Structure went up quickly. We are very happy"     

Vern A., Lake City, SD

customer review ag1
"Despite single digit temps the construction crew got almost all the exterior walls up in a week."         

Jorgensen Land & Cattle

customer review ag2
"From the perspective of a person who is trying to be their own contractor and not knowing much about construction, Enercept personnel were eager to help and explain the process.  My builders had never built a SIP home, they also found it easy and precise.  Everything fit together as it should and instructions were easy to follow. Great experience." 

Todd S., Jackson, MN


The Enercept team and nationwide network of dealers and builders are ready to bring environmentally friendly, 
worry-free framing and insulation solutions to you. We have built a strong relationship with many talented and trustworthy professionals. 
Contact your Enercept Regional Sales Manager to find a dealer in your area.


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1 - SIPs can only be used in simple, prefabricated designs.

Fact: SIPs are flexible and can be customized for almost any building design.

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2 - Wiring a SIP home is difficult.

Fact: A skilled electrician who has reviewed the plans ahead of time can wire a SIP home quickly and easily using our patented, factory-installed electrical chases.



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3 - SIPs are a new, untested invention.

Fact: SIPs have been around since the 1930s. Their current configuration was developed in 1950 and has withstood the test of time.

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4 - Building with SIPs is too expensive.

Fact: When adding labor costs, energy savings, job site waste, and cost of material together, building with SIPs is comparable or less expensive than traditional construction.

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5 - All building panels are SIPs.

Fact: Though there are many terms associated with building panels, such as “sandwich panels” and “stress-skin panels. Many of these panels are non-structural and some have no insulation. These terms are not necessarily interchangeable. Be sure you're comparing apples to apples.