The short answer? Enercept Structures go up quickly, are warmer, tighter, straighter, stronger, and quieter than traditional methods, and provide an exceptional construction experience for you and your clients.

Contractors & Subcontractors

Three things Contractors need to know

Enercept Structures go up quickly, are straighter, flatter, stronger and provide an exceptional construction experience.


Labor graphicReduce Framing Labor by 55%, Shorten construction duration. Eliminate most insulation labor. Downsize HVAC equipment, and get a Warmer, Tighter, Stronger, Quieter building that heats and cools for 40-60% less than conventional construction!

  • Enercept window and door openings are factory built, complete with framing and headers.
  • Opening and chases precut at Enercept
  • No sheathing or insulating on site
  • Uniform nailing surfaces for siding and trim
  • Faster Construction
  • Less Raw Materials / Waste

image 2Improved Dimensional Stability

State-Fair-Truck-House-1-300x211Superior strength — Could your truss roof support the weight of a pickup truck?

Enercept’s Structural Insulated Panels are 2.5 times stronger than a Stud Wall. One of the many benefits of building a super-insulated laminated panel is their incredible strength and stability. Our panels remain flat, straight, strong and stable over the long-haul.
  • Stick-framing relies on the integrity of a multitude of connection points between 2xs and sheathing. With SIPs, loads are distributed across the entire panel due to the continuous bond between the sheathing and rigid insulation.

image 3Less Raw Materials / Waste

west-river-vet-clinic-10-3Our SIPs generate nearly zero job site waste. With the exception of caulk packaging, everything that arrives on the Enercept delivery truck gets used in erecting the building ... nothing goes in the dumpster.

  • The typical exterior framing waste of an Enercept home can be hauled off in a single 55-gallon container.

Contractor Reviews

customer review 5
"The thing I love best about Enercept, besides the heat/cool efficiency, is the bonus room you get by using panels instead of trusses! Our house in Missouri gained a 600 square foot room! My husband and I have nothing but great testimonials about Enercept!" 

Wendy G., Holts Summit, MO

customer review4
"We are writing this letter to let you know how pleased we are with our Enercept home. It is tight, warm, extremely comfortable and very easy to heat. Our first full year's heating costs were only $217.27. We want to thank you and your company for a good product at a fair price, we wholeheartedly endorse your system." 

Leon & Edith H., Spokane, WA

customer review 3
"Your product is very user friendly - already, I have had two other builders express interest." 

Brandon T., Welling, AB Canada


How Do SIPs Compare to Traditional Construction?

Construction Guide

This construction guide consists of 12 chapters that will provide direction in the installation of your Enercept panel project. A thorough read will ensure you are well-prepared. 


Enercept Wiring With Sips.jpg

WIring with SIPs

This 18-page electrical guide includes general instructions, diagrams, National code references, and glossary that will provide direction in the wiring of your Enercept panel project.


technical information thm.jpg

Technical Information

Enercept Code Compliance
• 2006-2018 International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) recognized