The Future of Framing – Structural Insulated Panels Are Driving Change

Posted by Christine Walraven on April 11, 2018

High-Performance Building with Enercept

At Enercept we like to say that structural insulated panels (SIPS) are “the future of framing,” but in truth, the future is now. Enercept has been fabricating SIPS since 1981, and has built a reputation for delivering the most customized SIPs on the market. That is why we are the “builders’ choice.” Earning industry respect and repeat business from builders does not happen by chance. It is developed over time by a conscientious team which brings their “A-game” each and every day. Producing a quality product and quality customer service are always top of mind at Enercept. Whether you are building a residential home, a commercial building or an agricultural structure, Enercept offers cost-efficiency, energy efficiency, improved air quality —and the latest in green building construction. The Enercept team and nationwide network of dealers and builders are ready to bring environmentally friendly, worry-free framing and insulation solutions to you.

SIP apartment

Enercept offers:

  • Our solid foam insulating envelope provides a sound buffer.
  • Superior indoor air quality. EPS insulation offers reduced air infiltration.
  • LEED® and Energy Star compatibility. Earn LEED® for Home™ points and qualify for the Energy Star rating.
  • Less construction waste. Window and door openings are factory-cut and framed with headers in place.
  • Our patented, factory installed Insulated Connector Post system makes construction faster, easier, and stronger.
  • One step framing, sheathing, and insulating means you can move in sooner.
  • Save 40–60% (or more) on heating and cooling costs every month.
  • Energy efficiency makes the resale value of your building higher.
  • SIP buildings are two times stronger than conventional, stick-framed buildings.

Greener way to build imageBuildings impact both the environment and the people within them. Sustainable or “green” building design and construction is a method of wisely using resources to create high-quality, healthier and more energy-efficient homes and buildings. A focus on ensuring less energy and water use, better indoor air quality and a reduced impact of a building on the site it occupies are all elements of green building. While LEED® is identified with “going green,” green building has been a hallmark of Enercept’s building practices since 1981. Enercept helps its customers get Net-Zero-Ready with its high-performance products laying the green foundation for your next steps.

In order to achieve net zero, you have to start with an energy-efficient envelope for your house. The building envelope is key. Panels offer extremely high performance, which is necessary for a net-zero energy building. Enercept is among the companies that can help consumers get to net zero. Almost every SIPS is net-zero ready by its nature.
– Frank Baker, founding member of the Structural Insulated Panel Association

Our Mission: Our Commitment
When you build with Enercept SIPs we provide a building that will go up faster and will be warmer, tighter, stronger, quieter and more cost-effective than conventional construction. It is a commitment that others simply can’t beat!

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