Fire Prevention Week

Posted by Roberta Bartel on October 14, 2016

Fire Safety, It's Important!

Growing up there were two things that really frightened me, tornadoes and fires.  The second became more pronounced after my Spanish teacher, Karen Kittinger, and four of her children died in a house fire in 1975.  Mrs. Kittinger was one of my favorite teachers; she was so beautiful, soft-spoken and kind. After her death, I became somewhat fire-phobic (as my parents would attest to). Since then, I have matured and have become more realistic about fire prevention and safety.

So, naturally, when I started working for Enercept one thing I wondered about is how do structural insulated panels perform in the event of a fire.

You too? I thought so!

Homes built with structural insulated panels (SIPs) provide occupants with protection that is similar to conventional wood frame construction.

Fire precautions for SIP homes include:

  • Application of a 15-minute fire-resistant thermal barrier on the interior (like 1/2 inch gypsum board)
  • Properly installed electrical systems and appliances
  • Properly installed natural gas appliances
  • Smoke alarms

Learn more: SIPA Technical Bulletin.

Because Sbaby safely sleepingIPs are made with a solid core of expanded polystyrene (EPS), there is no chimney effect in the walls.  Plus EPS will not maintain a flame on its own.

I feel safe working in an Enercept building and I will feel safe sleeping in an Enercept home (when I'm lucky enough to own one).

But, don't take my word for it...check out our SIPA Listing Report for full details.

Meanwhile, please stay safe with these Fire Prevention Week tips:

  • Be sure you have a smoke alarm on every story of your home (replace them every 10 years) smoke detector
  • Develop a fire escape plan and practice it
  • Purchase a multi-use fire ladder for each upper level bedroom in your home and practice using them
  • Place fire extinguishers within reach throughout your home
  • In the event of a fire, leave through the closest exit.  Do not stop to collect belongings and never reenter a home once safely outside.

Additional fire safety tips are available at

And BTW, if you live in an area where is snows, keep your hydrant clear from snow build-up.  Yup, still a little phobic.


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