Your Builder Works For You: How To Find The Right One

Posted by Christine Walraven on September 26, 2019

Choose A Builder 4Embarking on the home building journey can seem daunting. Most people wouldn’t attempt to navigate a ship across the ocean or visit a foreign country without the proper crew or a seasoned tour guide. Building your home is much the same — you need an experienced, trust-worthy builder with whom you can connect. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a bumpy ride.So how do you choose? There are so many builders! Here are a few things to consider when choosing yours:

Choose Builder 1Check their work
Nothing surpasses experience and longevity in the custom home industry.  Your builder should have a stellar reputation with experts within the industry. Other builders, homeowners who’ve recently built a custom home and sub-contractors are excellent resources when vetting your contractor.

Most builders are more than willing to have you visit a current construction site, so you can see them in action and take a close look at their work. Take note of how the crew works together and how organized the jobsite appears.

High quality materials should be the standard for a custom home project.  The bones of a home are just as important as the parts which can be seen. This delivers a home that is solid as well finely detailed.

Communication is Key
You’re going to be seeing and talking with your builder for several months at least; be sure your personalities mesh well enough to communicate throughout the process. You need to feel comfortable going to your builder with questions, concerns and requests.Choose Builder 2

The best builder is more than a good listener, he is a responsive innovator. The process of designing and building the perfect home requires an ongoing exchange between builder and homeowner in order to deliver a truly distinctive home.

He or she also needs to be responsive to your requests, whether they are familiar to him or not. For instance, if you’d like to use energy-efficient products such as structural insulated panels (SIPs), your builder needs to be open to learning to use them or finding the appropriate installation crew to do so. Many companies, including Enercept, have networks of installers — but your builder needs to be willing to work with them.

The right builder will have a designated point-person (possibly him/herself) to establish a direct line of communication for the homeowner. This is important to update and respond promptly to questions and concerns.  Without a doubt there will be unexpected circumstances that arise during any construction project; it’s part of the job.  A good builder will keep you informed and have them resolved without delay.

Customer Experience
A truly great builder will make you feel empowered in your choices — from choosing him to the materials and features of your home.  A fully transparent relationship allows homeowners to be comfortable with the process from day one.  Every aspect of the project and its progress should be documented so the homeowners can have a clear understanding of every detail.IMG_20171009_114227452_HDR-1

You know you are working with a quality builder when customers remain enthusiastic about their homes long after it has been completed.  Further, a quality builder will have a comprehensive home warranty that delivers complete peace of mind to the homeowner. 

While building a new home or commercial structure involves myriad choices, deciding who will man the helm as your builder is one of the most important. You want to make the right choice for smooth sailing as your project proceeds to completion.

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               Even if it’s you or your contractor’s first experience with SIPs, it can be a great one.                Simply plan and consider the details carefully.

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