SIPs vs. Sticks; Contractors' Guide to Using SIPs

Posted by Roberta Bartel on June 6, 2018

Building with Enercept Structural Insulated Panels

Making the switch to SIPs is easier than you think.  SIPs are widely available and the fully customized nature of Enercept Structural Insulated Panels makes them easy to install.

Building with Enercept SIPs is The Future of Framing

A BASF Corporation time and motion study conducted by the RS Means unit of Reed Construction Data shows that residential builders can reduce their framing labor needs by as much as 55 percent by using structural insulated panels (SIPs) instead of conventional “stick-building” methods.



Faster construction—Structural insulated panels combine structural framing, insulation, and sheathing into one step. All Enercept window and door openings are factory built, complete with framing and headers. The fast enclosure system also extends your building season.

Less framing labor—Building with Enercept requires less on-site labor, saving you money. Enercept can also provide on-site technical training for builders new to SIP construction.

Less job site waste—The typical exterior framing waste of an Enercept home can be hauled off in a single 55 gallon container or pick-up bed instead of renting a roll-off container.

Fewer framing errors—SIPs reduce the margin for framing errors. Each panel is numbered to correspond with a computerized CAD panel blueprint. With the Enercept 4′-wide panel system, all rough openings are cut and framed at the factory, and include structural headers. Panels are built to the engineer’s specs, taking the hassle and guesswork out of design and quality control on-site


Happier Customers

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                                                                                                                                                                   Less Labor                                                               Added Benefits

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