Five Ways to Save Costs on New Construction

Posted by Roberta Bartel on June 20, 2018


Materials, time, home size, your builder, and timing are all considerations when maximizing your building dollars. Choose wisely.



New construction can be costly, but there are ways to make your dollars go further when building.

Here are five ways you can save on new construction:

One: Carefully Consider your Materials

Utilizing materials, which increase your home’s energy-efficiency and longevity while cutting construction labor costs is a win.

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Two: Less Can Be More

The average square footage of a single-family home went from 1600 square feet in the 1950’s to 2400 today.

 While large homes are still plentiful, a recent trend toward smaller and even “tiny homes” has come about over the past few years.

Three: Do-It-Yourself and Save

There are many opportunities to DIY, and they can provide ample savings. Ask the electricians if you can pull your own wiring or see if you can paint or stain your own trim. Other ways to save include doing your own painting or installing curtain rods, blinds, etc. yourself — the savings can add up!

Four: Ensure your Builder is a Good Fit

This is your project, and your goals are important. Find a contractor who shares your vision.

Five: The Time is Now

Construction costs have surged, driven largely by price increases for a wide range of building materials.

Combine that with climbing labor and fuel costs and rising interest rates, and it’s clear sooner is far better than later when it comes to building your new home.


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