Enercept U Presents: Virtual SIP Q & A Sessions

Posted by Roberta Bartel on February 24, 2021

You have questions about SIPs and Enercept. Enercept SIPs has the answers.

Discover tips and detailed information about Enercept and SIPs by participating in the-all new - Enercept University Presents...

Educating builders and customers about Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) is a priority for Enercept. Before Covid 19 changed our normal, Enercept offered in-person training at Enercept World Headquarters in Watertown, SD. Last year we had two sessions of "Enercept University" planned and had to cancel.

So we went to social media and created a series of mini informational videos.  But still, something was missing - the opportunity to talk to potential SIP installers, builders, and customers. To answer your questions and demonstrate the advantages of SIPs construction in real-time.  

On February 11, 2021, we rolled out a new version of Enercept University, Enercept University Presents...virtual Q & A sessions via Zoom. Over 80 participants attended the inaugural session.

Our first session was a huge success and can be found here:

The format for the session will include a 10-15 minute presentation followed by your questions, and a discussion of SIP construction for up to an hour - for those who stick around.

Future topics will include:

  • What is a Blower Door Test? How to Use the Results?
  • How Do You Run Electrical through SIPs?
  • Using SIPs to Meet the 2021 IECC Requirements.
  • Best Practices for Handling and Installing SIPs.
  • And, much more

Our second session is on February 25 at 4:30 CST.  The title of this session is "MEETING YOUR CUSTOMER'S NEEDS/GOALS WITH ENERCEPT SIPS" You can register for the event here:

Enercept U Presents session 2

The 3rd session will be held March 25 at 4:30 when we will focus our conversation on wiring your SIP panels. We plan to hold sessions every third week for the time being - this is subject to change. All sessions will be recorded and available on the Enercept website and the Enercept YouTube page.

Tune into Enercept U Presents, and ask our pros about SIP construction.

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