Posted by Joe Pasma on April 23, 2019

Because I Said so.

How many of us as parents used B.I.S.S. as a way to keep our kids at bay and didn't even know we were doing it?little boy in sips houseI'll be you're asking yourself what the heck is he talking about "B.I.S.S." "Because I Said So." How many of us have used this with our children? I know I have!

Now you're wondering what the heck has B.I.S.S. got to do with SIPs. Well if you think about our construction industry and how it works … B.I.S.S. … is a common answer from those used to doing things the way they always have. The way they did things a hundred years ago. Now don't get me wrong they don't really say “Because I Said So” but if you think about the reasons why SIPs are not used on building projects today the answers they give you are not too far from “Because I Said So”.

Today’s construction industry seems to have its share of those that say they have all the answers on how to build a cost-effective, energy efficient, comfortable exterior shell for a building. Is that B.I.S.S. if they don’t use or at least consider SIPs? I certainly think so.

I challenge the B.I.S.S.’er to look at SIPs and see if there isn't a place for them in their buildings.

 SIP vs Sticks Diagram (White Background)

As for the rest of us, don't let them B.I.S.S. with you.

Our Mission: Our Commitment

When you build with Enercept SIPs we provide a building that will go up faster and will be warmer, tighter, stronger, quieter and more cost-effective than conventional construction. It is a commitment that others simply can’t beat!

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