SIPs - The Builder's Choice When Disasters Strike

Posted by Roberta Bartel on June 2, 2020

Dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster is never easy, and the rebuilding process can be frustrating and time consuming for builders as well as homeowners. If you are in this situation or know someone who is, you should take a closer look at structural insulated panels or SIPs.

SIPs are the material of choice to withstand nature's force with improved resiliency.

Ready to assemble SIPs can be built more quickly, with less labor than stick-framed construction. SIPs are also more sustainable and more disaster-resistant.

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In the following video, Enercept Regional Manager,  Jon Golz, tells you more and shares a time-lapse build demonstrating the quicker construction time.

Benefits of Building with our panels: 
  • Enercept SIPs are manufactured in a controlled environment, minimizing the issues of on site framing.  
  • Our solid foam insulating envelope eliminates sagging or settling of the insulation.
  • Superior indoor air quality. SIPs minimize air infiltration.
  • LEED® and Energy Star compatibility. Earn LEED® for Home™ points and qualify for the Energy Star rating.
  • Less construction waste. Window and door openings are factory-cut and framed with headers in place.
  • Our patented, factory installed Insulated Connector Post system makes construction faster, easier, and stronger.
  • One step framing, sheathing, and insulating means you can move in sooner.
  • Save 40–60% (or more) on heating and cooling costs every month.
  • Energy efficiency makes the resale value of your building higher.
  • SIP buildings are 2-1/2 times stronger than conventional, stick framed buildings.

Learn more about Enercept SIPs and how we may be a good fit for your next building project:

Learn More About Building With SIPs

Our Mission: Our Commitment

When you build with Enercept SIPs we provide a building that will go up faster and will be warmer, tighter, stronger, quieter and more cost-effective than conventional construction. It is a commitment that others simply can’t beat!


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