Most of the home packages we provide are custom designs. For your convenience, we offer several pre-designed conceptual plans using Enercept SIPs. These home plans can also help narrow your ideas regarding style, square footage, and price range.

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Floor Plans

Energy-efficient, single family home plans may be exactly what you had in mind or they can serve as a 'jumping-off' point for a custom design for your new home

Customer Reviews customer review
"From our first meeting with Jon Wagar and touring the plant, to working with Terry, Al, Shane, Logan and your very pleasant receptionist; everyone was extremely knowledgeable and went above and beyond our expectations on follow-up and keeping us informed of the manufacturing process. The staff was extraordinary in responding to our questions and emails promptly. This is our second home constructed with SIPs, and we are firm believers that SIPs are the best in energy efficiency and ease of construction. We highly recommend Enercept to anyone interested in building a home."

John P., Bisbee, AZ

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"We really like the feel of SIP construction. We are on a hill totally exposed to the NW wind. We experienced a wind/hail/rain storm of Biblical proportions last Thursday. Cabin remained tight as a drum."

Peter O. Eureka, SD

Customer Review - Lewis
"Product delivered in two loads on two days, as requested. Four of us assembled a 30x78 foot home in seven days. We were amazed we could assemble a house in such a short time frame. Good product, good support; looking for proven results. Overall this was a very good experience!"

Darin L., Clark, SD


The Enercept team and nationwide network of SIP dealers and builders are ready to bring you environmentally friendly, worry-free framing and insulation solutions. We have built a strong relationship with many talented and trustworthy professionals.
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1 - SIPs can only be used in simple, prefabricated designs.

Fact: SIPs are flexible and can be customized for almost any building design.


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2 - Wiring a SIP home is difficult.

Fact: A skilled electrician who has reviewed the plans ahead of time can wire a SIP home quickly and easily using our patented, factory-installed electrical chases.

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3 - SIPs are a new, untested invention.

Fact: SIPs have been around since the 1930s. Their current configuration was developed in 1969 and has withstood the test of time.

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4 - Building with SIPs is too expensive.

Fact: When adding labor costs, energy savings, job site waste, and cost of material together, building with SIPs is comparable or less expensive than traditional construction.

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5 - All building panels are SIPs.

Fact: Though there are many terms associated with building panels, such as “sandwich panels” and “stress-skin panels. Many of these panels are non-structural and some have no insulation. These terms are not necessarily interchangeable. Be sure you're comparing apples to apples.