It's Not Too Late! Be Working Inside Before Snow Flies Outside

Posted by Christine Walraven on August 26, 2019

Where has the time gone? 

Hard to believe, isn't it? Summer has somehow vanished, the kids are headed back to school and that crisp bite of fall is in the air. The building season, particularly in the northern climate, was short enough this year due to a late thaw and what seemed like buckets full of rain. The season started late in many areas, and many builders experienced late starts.

Without a doubt, weather plays a huge factor in contractors' work schedules. But there's still time to get one more project in before Ol’ Man Winter arrives! Particularly with structural insulated panels (SIPs), it's very do-able.

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Labor graphicSince SIPs combine structural framing, insulation, and sheathing into one step, this system saves you many man hours (up to 55%!) and extends your building season. With the ease of installation, your project can be dried-in before the snow flies. The interior can be finished — within the comfortable, tightly-sealed SIPs walls — during the bitter temperatures and snow of winter.

Besides that, SIPs offer other benefits which make it an efficient, effective way to build: 

  • Less job site waste: We've seen the exterior framing waste of an Enercept home hauled off in a single 55-gallon container. Instead of renting a roll-off container, you may be able to remove the waste in the bed of your pick-up.
  • Fewer framing errors: SIPs reduce the margin for framing errors. Panels are built to the architect's or engineer’s specs, taking the hassle and guesswork out of design and quality control on-site.
  • Customer Satisfaction: SIPs offer increased structural stability and accuracy, plus energy efficiency — all wins for you and your client! 

Imagine that: Finish more projects in less time, save money (for both you and your client) and know they will be enjoying the energy efficiency SIPs provide. They minimize heat loss/gain in a new structure, increase comfort, and save money in the long run.

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When you look at the rest of the factors contributing to construction costs — reduced labor expenses, heightened site productivity, decreased waste and less overall energy consumption — the total makes sense. That's significant value you can pass on to your customer, even if Ol’ Man Winter tries to make it difficult.

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