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structural insulated wall panel

Enercept structural insulated wall panels are composed of EPS insulation, typically 5-5/8″, laminated between OSB sheathing. Other wall thicknesses are available, such as 4″ for garage walls or 8″ when higher thermal or structural performance is needed. Panels are produced in widths up to 4′ and lengths up to 24′. Panels are connected by a factory installed thermally broken post, creating an unbroken envelope of insulation. Enercept produces header and lower lintel panels for all rough openings. Thermally broken posts are factory installed in both edges of the header panel to form an unbroken thermal shell of insulation. All rough openings are cut and framed at the factory, resulting in fast construction and very little job site waste. Electrical chases are pre-routed with a patented system (Enercept Patents- 4578909, 4852310, and 4720948). The standard package includes bottom sill plate, double top plates, and roof-to-wall panel ties.

Wall Panel Details

structural insulated wall panel detail

Enercept connecting post detail

The Enercept system is the only SIP (structural insulated panel) to utilize an insulated connecting post. EPS insulation is laminated between two 2×4 members and then nailed into the edge of each panel. The result is superior strength from the structural lumber without losing thermal performance.